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LynX® Connect for your healthcare institution

A flexible and versatile alarm and communication solution specifically developed for the care sector

intelligent devices, maximum ease of use

Care telephone

The LynX® Care telephone connects patients and caregivers quickly and easily. This peerless telephone, which boasts a range of features, helps optimise (alarm) communication within the care environment.


The design of the device is centred around ease of use. A large touchscreen, icons and large keys with a clear and sensitive pressure point make it simple to make calls and send messages. The built-in camera also allows the user to make video calls. In addition to the in-house LynX® software, the LynX® Care telephone also supports external applications including Skype and Messenger. Not only does the calendar function help users to remember appointments, it can also be configured as a medication reminder, so that patients always take their medication at the right time.


The hands-free talk mode is an excellent trump, to assist both caregivers and patients during an emergency call. Firstly, the patient has freedom of movement after an alarm has been sent and the large screen simultaneously provides more information about the waiting time and the actions taken. Secondly, caregivers can take notes during the call, easily use the keyboard, open cupboards or drawers and carry out various other actions.